Ming Lim is a 16-year-old artist who is born and is currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Her dream and goal are to create a name and pursuit a career in the industry of fashion.

Although Ming is still in High School, she finds time to develop and display projects. A year ago she created her own brand called CRAZYYABAI, where she exhibits her artwork. She also previews her clothing in photoshoots where the concept, hair, make-up, and photography are all done by her. 

Even though Ming's clothing and style is targeted to young adults, she encourages any age to wear her work. Although her designs may shift towards women, she believes that her clothing is unisex, and can be worn by any gender.

She draws inspiration from many different cultures, mainly from Japan and Asia. Ming loves the idea of strong colour and texture. She also loves the wild punk energy of Tokyo and wants to exhibit the same energy of uniqueness and confidence in her own work. Furthermore she draws inspiration from many fashion icons and designers such as Rei Kawakubo, G-Dragon, CL, Karl Lagerfeld, Nabil Nayal and Alexander McQueen himself. 

Ming believes that art/ fashion is self-expression, it is something that enhances our own individuality and uniqueness. 

Email: crazyyabai@gmail.com Instagram: @crazyyabai